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AziApps is a one-man company that provides plugins and toolkits for Unreal Engine.
Also, You can count on my services if you need to connect an online service or API
to the Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine
Services you may need

I have got experience in all of these UE features, if you can’t find the service you need please contact me.

AI / Behavior Tree

There’re some great built-in features for running any AI system directly inside UE, In case you want to use them or create totally a new custom system, you can count on me.


AnimTree is such a great tool to create responsive animation systems for characters, In combination with c++, you can get amazing results.

C++ / Blueprint

No matter whether your project is based on C++ or the UE visual scripting language known as Blueprint, if you need any help, just contact me!

UMG and UI

UMG is a great bridge between the visual UI scripting tool and the UE’s Slate system in C++ to create awesome in-game UI or menus for your game or project.

Customized Graph

If you need advanced services to create a totally custom graph system from scratch for your plugin or as a new UE feature, I will help you.

Customized Plugin

No matter whether you need a plugin to create a new tool for Unreal Engine or you need a plugin for your games/ services, my job is to build plugins.

Downloads of my projects!

Thank you all for the downloads and support of my project.
Last update June 2022.


ArchVis VR

My first project at the Marketplace for also my first personal VR project.


Ultimate ArchVis Kit

An ArchVis project for mobile and desktop platforms.


Ultimate Character

A solution to build an entire game including Player/AI character, weapons, mage, combos and etc without CODING!


Other Projects

Other projects such as Ultimate Movement Component, Ultimate Landscape, and Modular HUD

How we can work together?

It’s delightful I see my services would be useful to you.

Contact Me

The very first step is very simple, just send an email to me with some info about your project or the service you have in mind to build.

My Quote

I will try to reply to you as soon as possible to give you some info from a technical point of view and maybe request more info on some features of your project.

Equalizing info

In the third step, I will try to make sure we understand each other points of view on the project from you as a client/designer and me as a technical person who would build your awesome project.


In the last step, I would try to create time and budget estimates for you, You must know even for big companies estimate are some rough ideas, and always during the project initial ideas get modified by clients/designer and also by technical persons.

Download My Projects Now

Please visit my page at Unreal Marketplace to check the projects.

Whether you like it or not please leave a comment and tell me the strengths and weaknesses of my projects.