AziPLG Update History

In this post, you can see the history of updates for the Procedural Level Generator plugin.

Aug-SepUpdatePathfinding – You will be able to make a path between tiles.
3/7/2024HotfixBug to select actor classes in additional mode.
New function to get generated level bounds.
V 1.1
UpdateCity Generator – You can generate cities with road grids.
Asset randomizer – You can randomize assets on top of tiles.
Some other new features.
V 1.0.1
UpdateAdditional modes- You can use blueprints/static mesh in the collection.
Flip mode- You can have flipped/mirrored variations from your option.
Option name after duplicate fixed.
Distances bug after duplicate fixed.
Sorting options by name added.
Apply sockets to all directions at once added.
A new option was added to fix the render fight.
Some other minor bugs were fixed.
3/3/2024HotfixThe intro animation autoplay bug in the editor was fixed.
V 1.0
ReleaseInitial release of the project on the Unreal Marketplace.
Click on the update links to check the videos.

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