Ultimate ArchVis Kit


Tutorial from scratch:

Add to existing project:

This project is fully built-in Blueprint and you don’t need C++ or any additional plugin, also possible to add features easily to the project.

There’re four types of main options available and you can add one or more to an object, Color, Material, Mesh, and Decal are the main options.

Add an unlimited number of options to your object.

Add to any existing project without any change to the original project in just a few minutes.

Easily add the ability to move, rotate, scale, or hide objects.

Create, Load, and Delete profiles to share or use your designs later.

Share options between objects without copying and pasting them over and over.

Select which option to share on each related mesh.

Opening/Closing doors.

Toggle between Camera, Fly and Walk mode easily.

Add interesting points to the map and teleport easily also select to show on minimap or not.

Add a light switch to your level and add bulb meshes to them.

Light control menu to change color and brightness.

Add dynamic comments to your scene.

Different types of UI buttons and dynamic UI color selectors for each area of your scene.

Use mouse, keyboard, touch, and gamepad controller to use UI.

Change camera settings to take in-game screenshots, the ability to auto-focus on objects.

Customize able outline on objects.

Technical Details


  • Fully Blueprint and easy to add new features.
  • Dynamic UI color selector.
  • Create design profiles.
  • Add to the existing project with just a few clicks without any changes to your project.
  • Supported on Mobile and PC.
  • Flexible control mode using a mouse, keyboard, and touchpad/gamepad.
  • Walk, Fly, and Camera modes.
  • Live minimap.
  • Gizmo component for Move, Rotate, and Scale.
  • Fully object-oriented class and UI.
  • Built on Enums and Structs.

Supported Development Platforms: Mobile & Desktop

Supported Target Build Platforms: Mobile & Desktop


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