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Ultimate Landscape is a plugin solution that provides a set of tools to generate & simulate landscapes within the UE4 editor without any other external applications.

Ultimate Landscape plugin is made for both Artists and Non-Artists people to generate their stunning landscape in less than 10 minutes.

Suitable to create realistic, fantasy, top-down, and any other types of landscapes.

UL provides two new types of assets in UE4 editor to create layers and then merge them inside modifiers.

You can delete these assets after sculpting the landscape and you don’t need them to share or package the project.

Live landscape sculpting in modifier editor.

Blend height map layers using more than 18 different effects.

5 methods to generate height maps including import from other software or edit any existing UE4 landscapes.

Flexible settings to generate an unlimited variety of height maps.

Apply multiple erosion effects on the landscape to makes it more natural.

Create unlimited sub-layers inside each layer file or filter them individually.

Height map editing tools in the editor such as Smoothing, Brightness, Contrast, and etc.

Single-click to export Height maps or Erosion masks from the plugin as a PNG file.

Fast speed generating height maps algorithms.

Optimization options to improve user experience.

Technical Details


  • A fully procedural landscape generate inside the Unreal Engine 4 editor.
  • Suitable for Artists and non-Artists.
  • Made for beginners to professionals.
  • Includes 9 sample maps with layers & modifiers.
  • Live landscape sculpting.
  • Simulate erosion effects with a variety of settings.
  • Generate natural landscapes in less than 10 minutes.
  • Create material masks to apply to the landscape.
  • 5 methods to generate height maps.
  • More than 18 blending options.
  • A variety of settings to control height maps.
  • An unlimited number of sub-layers.
  • Photo editing tools inside the editor.
  • Share or package the maps without any extra assets.
  • Fast and easy to generate a landscape.
  • Optimizations methods.

C++ Files : 67

Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

Fully built-in C++

This plugin is made to use inside the UE4 editor and you can’t sculpt landscape during game-play.

Includes materials and skies from Unreal Engine 4 demo assets.

If you’re using older versions of UE4 just generate your height maps in newer versions then export it as a PNG file from modifiers and import it to your landscape.

If you experienced any crashes you’ve two different methods to fix them (One of them should be enough):

1- Disable the “Show Preview”

2- Enable “Store Raw Data”


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